Twyt : Twiiting dari Command Line

Anda pengguna twiter, dan anda juga penyuka command line. Maka anda patut mencoba aplikasi client twiter ini, yaitu melakukan twiting dari command line, namanya twyt. Twyt ini berbasis python. Tertarik untuk mencoba?

Anda bisa mendownload nya dari Twyt Download Repository

Untuk instalasinya :

<blockquote> install</blockquote>

Jika depedency paket sudah ada, maka tidak ada masalah. Berikut paramter yang ada di twyt.

<blockquote>$ twyt --commands

usage: twyt  COMMAND [options] [args]

Available commands:
accountlimit Show the API rate limit for your Twitter account.
block Blocks a user specified by ID (numerical ID or screen name)
delete Deletes a tweet by ID
direct Sends a direct message to another user
directdel Delete a direct message which was sent to you
directsent Prints the 20 last direct messages sent by you
directtl Prints the 20 last direct messages sent to you
friendstl Returns 20 most recent statuses in your friends timeline
iplimit Show the API rate limit for your IP address.
namecache Access and manipulate the username cache.
publictl Shows the 20 most recent statuses in Twitter's public timeline
replies Lists statuses which are replies to you (statuses with @yourusername in them)
show Show a single status message by ID
sing Similar to 'tweet', wraps the status in musical notes
tweet Updates the authenticating user's Twitter status
unblock Unblocks a user specified by ID (numerical ID or screen name)
user Get and set Twyt user options, e.g. remembered passwords and Twitter usernames
usertl Show your timeline, or USERNAME's timeline

For command-specific help, use twyt COMMAND --help</blockquote>

Untuk menggunakannya bisa dijalankan dengan :

<blockquote>$ twyt tweet "Hello, nge-tweet dari twyt" –u username –p SuperSecretPassword

[8782187385] username: Hello, nge-tweet dari twyt (Fri Feb 12 22:43:14 2010 via Twyt)</blockquote>

Untuk membuat account permanen bisa dengan :

<blockquote>$ twyt user –user=namauser set

Enter namauser's Twitter password:

enjoy 🙂

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