I’ve read a post from a blog (i forgot where the address and who the writer), but i like it, and it has some deep meaning…

“He is my little friend
In my childhood
May be for him, I just a little friend
Just a girl who disturbed by him
Just a little girl who forgot him
But the truth
I always remember him
Coz he fill my little journey in my short life

Today he goes aboard
I never meet him since six years ago
When the graduation day, both of us never say farewell
In every meeting at our school I never came
Coz I’m busy with my daily life
Now he gone and I never say something to him
Never share my life and he never tell his life story
The reality I want to meet him
But I can’t
It’s so difficult to me to say that He is important for me
Now he isn’t a boy again
I’m not a girl
We grow and have our own life

And I hope someday we can meet each other
Coz I want to say sorry for my mistakes
Want to give him spirit and a lot of words

Maybe it’s not important for him
But I need his apologize
If he never apologize me, it’s ok
The important is I have apologize him”

author : unknown

Tulisan Lain   Rapuh

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