something that i keep’in

day by day flow like the wind.
just let it blow, like we never know how it end
but… don’t u know where there’s time to take us met,
so there’s also time to take us appart
and don’t u know how hard it will be? i know there’s no one want it to be

when it comes rain… is it reflect u’r pain?
like a blaze that makes u dreamily couldn’t come true

i know there’s a day that i just keep on me.
i know there’s a time that i couldn’t say words like u want to be.
and sorry if i never ask…

maybe it is some kind thing that i couldn’t show, but i know
maybe it is some kind hard to be right now, and maybe u don’t know
just the silent is the words for u
cause there’s something that maybe i will never tell… but i do it for u.

if there’s a day make it to be complete, so that’s the day i will show it
but if it doesn’t, i will keep it…

something that i keep’in.. because Allah

Tulisan Lain   Rapuh

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